Four Natural Stages ①

My life is now over at the age of thirty. Dying without completing a single thing, like grain which has not ripened, it seems lamentable. However, if I consider my own duties, this is the time to harvest, not entirely a sad event. The reason is a human’s fate is not established. It is not like grain, which goes through four stages without fail.

吾れ行年三十、一事成ることなくして死して禾稼の未だ秀でず実らざるに似たれば 惜しむべきに似たり。然れども義卿の身を以て云へば、是れ亦秀実の時なり、何ぞ必ずしも哀しません。何となれば人寿は定まりなし、禾稼の必ず四時を経る如きに非ず。

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