Singular Focus

“Shuitsu Muteki” (a singular focus is invincible)is a convention of neo-confucianism.
The Fourth Year of Ansei, the Third of November. “To Majima Hosen”



Devoting Your Full Heart ②

After one act comes two acts. After three acts comes a hundred, a thousand acts. All sorts of things are pushed, and this is accomplished. After one day comes two, three, a hundred, a thousand days, and days of achievements add up and this is amasses. When this is so, oh! how can we not devote our heart at last? We should start first from one act, from one day.
The Third Year of Ansei The Fourteenth of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Devoting Your Full Heart ①

Doing your best is devoting your full heart in deeds. When speaking of doing your best, those who have the strength to hold 15 kilograms hold 15 kilograms. Those who have the strength to hold 20 kilograms hold 20 kilograms. We should think like this. Modern people are currently failing to do their best. The reason is they are unable to understand that fullness.