Skillfully Without Mistakes

The old man said: “Refraining from doing things in order to avoid mistakes is not the same thing as skillfully doing things without making mistakes.”
The Third Year of Ansei, After August. “The Complete Book of Teachings for Warriors.”


Deep People

In discussing matters of the world, shallow people judge by success or failure. Deep people judge by righteousness or wickedness. That is all there is.
The Third Year of Ansei. “Essays Near the Thicket of Dates.”


A Crime of Humanity

Things are difficult to accomplish, and opportunities are easily missed. The opportunity arrives, but one is unable to even begin to accomplish anything. Losing such an opportunity without even trying is a crime of humanity.
The Fifth Year of Ansei, The End of March. “Letter sent to Nakatani Hinkyou.”


To Fail by Trusting People

Often, many of those who favor wisdom fail by doubting others too much. Those who favor benevolence fail by trusting others too much. Both are unbalanced. However by doing this act of merit, those who trust others have an edge over those who doubt them… For this reason, I would much rather fail by trusting others too much than by fail by doubting them.
The Second Year of Ansei, The Sixth of August. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Reflect Their True Hearts

Lords and retainers make mistakes out of humanity, out of love, out of selflessness, and out of caring. Small men makes mistakes out of heartlessness, out of regrets, out of covetousness, and out of emotions. Generally, the mistakes people make reflect their (true) heart.
In the Third Year of Kouka. “The Analects: Understanding the Chapter on the Mistakes of People.”