Cause of Extravagance and Laziness

Nothing causes the decay of literary and martial skills more than extravagance and laziness. Nothing causes extravagance and laziness more than such a home.
The Fifth Year of Ansei, the Sixth of the New Year. “Words of a Lunatic.”


Talented People

As a gentleman, teaching others is no different than a lord utilizing people. The way a lord utilizes people is to appoint very talented people as leaders with heavy responsibilities from the start. Then through that person and your own streneous efforts, strong loyalty is expressed. It is like the transformation caused by Autumn rain. If very talented people are utilized for trivial duties, that person will certainly become bored and neglectful, and less than useful. This is also so when teaching people.
The Third Year of Ansei. The 29th of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Those Whose Circumstances are the Opposite

Those for whom circumstances are all aligned easily become neglectful. Those whose circumstances are the opposite are easily encouraged.
The Second Year of Ansei, Autumn. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”