The Resolve of Yi Yin

“If he has the resolve of Yi Yin, then it will be acceptable,” was once said to Mencius.This phrase came to a finish. Yi Yin’s resolve is merely distress over the state of your country, distress over the condition of your people. It is not having, even slightly, a selfish heart.
The Second Year of Ansei, the 29th of December. “Lecture Notes”



Here Right Now

A gentleman possessing resolve, surely must act with strength and devote all his mind and heart to dealing with what is here right now. He must not give up, nor vainly fall into personal despair.
The Fourth Year of Ansei, The 17th of April. “Reply to Oguni Gouzou”


Those with Resolve

If it cannot be done in a month, then we should try to accomplish it in two months. If it cannot be done in two months, we should try to accomplish it in 100 days. If it cannot be done no matter how long we try, we musn’t give up until it is accomplished.
The Fourth Year of Ansei, The Third of Intercalendary May. “Notes for Students.”


Your Individual Resolve

Your personal and individual resolve will be rewarded with great gratitude from our Imperial country, and it is your duty as knight of a military family. This resolve cannot be altered, even in death.
The Third Year of Ansei, After August. “Lecture Notes on the Complete Book of Military Science.”


Men Born into this World

Great men who are born into this world will be esteemed for standing by their resolve grandly.
The Fourth Year of Ansei, The Third of October. “Explanation of the guest about the name, Saneyuki.”


Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

You should save your energy from small matter. Having done this, you should devote yourself wholly to your resolve. If you do this, new strategies and heroic ideas will come to you.
The Fourth Year of Kaei, The 21st of April. “To my Brother.”


Faithful Until the Last Years

When a country is strong and her power flourishes, everyone strives with sincerity. When a country is weak and her power wanes, people’s resolve is altered, they surrender to the enemy, and those who would sell their own lords out are not few. For this reason, unless one has those who are faithful until the last years of life, isn’t any amount of wits, smarts, knowledge, or skills insufficient compared to respect? Those faithful to bright lords are not rare, but those faithful to dim lords are truly faithful.
The Second Year of Ansei, The Twelfth of November. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Magnanimous Spirit ②

This spirit is firm, not burned away by fire nor washed away by water. It stands at the center of a loyal retainer’s integrity; even if the head is decapitated, even if the body is killed, its faithfulness does not change in the end. Even when provided with a high rank and a fat stipend, even when hearing the sexy voice of a beautiful woman, on these occasions too it is not displaced in the end. Again, is this not strong? Gold and iron are said to be strong, but they should be melted by a raging fire. Jewels and stones are said to be strong, but they should be broken by an iron chisel. Only this spirit is not this way. Throughout heaven and earth, through all of time, it is a single existence beyond shape. Could there be anything stronger? As the form and pattern of this spirit is immense and strong, the way to cultivate this magnanimous spirit is to cultivate it straightly without hindering it, in other words, upon having that resolve one has the duty of refraining from doing violence against that spirit. Having that resolve is a matter of never letting one’s resolve gained by studying to slack for even a moment. The strongest prohibition of studying is to start and stop. In other words, if one continuously starts and stops, in the end nothing will be realized. For this reason, never letting this resolve slacken even for a moment is having that resolve, it is said.
The Second Year of Ansei, The 26th of July. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


If your Resolve is Not Completely Set

If your resolve is not completely set, you cannot prosper in your work.
The Second Year of Ansei, The 22nd Day of August. “A Letter to Send Kosuke to Study in Edo.”


The Azure Sky

Although yellow mist might stifle the four directions, the azure sky still stretches above it.
The Second Year of Ansei. “Manuscript of the 52nd Year.”