Lacking a Wide Veiw

Modern people lack a wide view and prefer to discuss petty details. This ill trait is extremely serious in readers… If you watch how they personally act, they embellish their outer appearance and esteem their language. They are carefully moderate in even minor things, and desire to drop the names of great men in home town. They curry favour with influential Houses, and ingratiate themselves with flattery even when they are wrong. They lack a sturdiness, fail to listen to other’s opinions, lack loyalty, lack filial piety and do not trust even their close friends. They don’t know when to feel ashamed of their actions. Such people like this don’t understand what they should be doing.
The Third Year of Ansei, The 29th of May. “Minutes of the Lecturer.”



Today, Knights Know Nothing of Shame

Gentlemen are ashamed of lacking morals, but small men are ashamed of lacking fame. Gentlemen are ashamed of lacking ability, but small men are ashamed of lacking importance… Small men feel shame at how they might appear, but gentlemen feel shame at how they might actually be… Originally, the word shame was a common word among this country’s knights. There was nothing as shameful as not knowing the word shame. Today the knights who know nothing of shame are at the very worst.
The Third Year of Ansei, The Seventeenth of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


The Character of Shame

Encourage those who hold a character of shame. Mencius had urgent words about the character of shame, thus he wrote, “People should not be without shame.” He also wrote, “Shame is important to us as humans.”
The Second Year of Ansei, the 26th of August. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”