By Accident

People everywhere express their emotions only by accident. Why must we be so reserved? When we are reserved like this, we are merely holding back our true self, merely stacking up sincerity.
The Third Year of Ansei, The Fourth of June. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


All Sincerity

People have only sincerity. With sincerity, they attend their fathers with filial piety, attend their lords with loyalty, and associate with their friends with fidelity. This has many different names, but in the end they are all sincerity.
The Third Year of Ansei, The 29th of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Sincerity is Valued

When a gentleman acts, acting with sincerity is valued.
The Sixth Year of Ansei, the Latter of Feburary. “A Letter to Irie Sugizou.”


Faithful Until the Last Years

When a country is strong and her power flourishes, everyone strives with sincerity. When a country is weak and her power wanes, people’s resolve is altered, they surrender to the enemy, and those who would sell their own lords out are not few. For this reason, unless one has those who are faithful until the last years of life, isn’t any amount of wits, smarts, knowledge, or skills insufficient compared to respect? Those faithful to bright lords are not rare, but those faithful to dim lords are truly faithful.
The Second Year of Ansei, The Twelfth of November. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”