What is Important When Studying

Basically, what is important with studying is that you do it for your own sake. Gentlemen study for their own sake. Small men study for the sake of others.
The Second Year of Ansei, The Seventh of September. “Lecture Notes.”



Mustn’t Be Content with Small Success

The way you live and study is all true. However, you musn’t be content with small success lest heedless actions cause you to stray.
The Fourth Year of Ansei, the 27th of June. “Reply to Fukubara Seisuke.”


10 Years of Utmost Zeal

In general, we should work hard at studying year round for 30 years, from about the age of 10 to the age 40. And during this time, we should spend 10 of those years exerting the utmost personal zeal.
The Third Year of Ansei, After August. “The Complete Book of Teachings for Warriors.”


What is Mastery?

The Four Classics and the Five Scriptures studied in modern times are the teachings of all the saints. However, if you do not do good with that good, you lack the word “mastery”. “Mastery” is reading with the mouth. Having thoroughly read, consider it with the heart. Having thoroughly considered it, take action. Having taken action, again consider it. Having considered it, again read. Truely, if you do this, there will be no doubt about the good you’ve done.
The Third Year of Ansei, The 28th of March. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Existing in this World for a Single Day

As a person for a single day exists in this world, he eats a day’s worth of food, he wears a day’s worth of clothing, and he uses a day’s worth of shelter. Why, then, does he lack the motivation to pursue a day’s worth of wisdom, a day’s worth of right action?
The Third Year of Ansei, The Fourteeth of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


The Difference Between Man and Beast

There is no other need than to know the difference between being a human and being a beast on the path of learning.
The Second Year of Ansei, The Fourteenth of November. “Minutes From the Head Lecturer.”


Original Intentions

The original intention of a person is important… Those who study have various original intentions. Above all, seeking the way of sincereity is a superior intention. Wanting fame is an inferior intention. Thus it is that when those who began their studies for the sake of fame advance, it is displayed in their degree of progress. They embellish their work with many allusions and fancy prose, but in the end they cannot conceal it. During important challenges, they lose support for their actions, lack fidelity in principles, and give in to profit or power. The shamefulness of this sight cannot be concealed.
The Second Year of Ansei, The 26th of August. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Study to Make Yourself Correct

Make yourself correct. Thereafter when you teach other people, there will not be those who fail to follow… You musn’t neglect diligence in studying to make yourself correct.
The Second Year of Kaei, March. “Vol. 3 of Lectures.”


The Need to Study

Before one says something like I will seek out a teacher and before you seek a teacher, first establish a true heart upon which stands an concrete intention. Only then should you seek a teacher. Generally, everyone here has the need to study. We have things to consider, but have not yet been able to comprehend them; things to do, but have not yet been able to accomplish them. Resenting this, we resolve to study and thus seek out a teacher. This should be called a true thing.
The Third Year of Ansei, the 26th of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”