Lacking a Wide Veiw

Modern people lack a wide view and prefer to discuss petty details. This ill trait is extremely serious in readers… If you watch how they personally act, they embellish their outer appearance and esteem their language. They are carefully moderate in even minor things, and desire to drop the names of great men in home town. They curry favour with influential Houses, and ingratiate themselves with flattery even when they are wrong. They lack a sturdiness, fail to listen to other’s opinions, lack loyalty, lack filial piety and do not trust even their close friends. They don’t know when to feel ashamed of their actions. Such people like this don’t understand what they should be doing.
The Third Year of Ansei, The 29th of May. “Minutes of the Lecturer.”


Benevolence is People.

Benevolence is people. Without people, there is no benevolence. Birds and beasts are like that… In the world, there are many people who are not benevolent. Futhermore, there are even more people who talk of benevolence while not relating it to people. The book lovers of today are all like this.
The Third Year of Ansei, The Seventh of June. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Understand the Essential Point

We should prize the ability to understand the essential points of a book.
The Third Year of Ansei, The 22nd of March. “Minutes From the Head Lecturer.”


Reading the Classics is of the Greatest Import.

It isn’t nessisary to flatter the saints and sages so, by saying reading the Classics is of the greatest import.
The Second Year of Ansei, The 13th of June. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”


Without Reading Ten Thousand Books

Without reading ten thousand books, how can one become a person (whose name lasts) a thousand Autumns? Without treating one’s own toil lightly, how can one make peace for all persons?
The Third Year of Ansei, Autumn-Winter. “The Group of Shouka Sonnjuku.”


If Your Trust in Books Entirely

Mencius said, “If you trust in books entirely, you’ll become inferior to those without books.”
The Fourth Year of Kouka, the Last Day of September. “On the Heinai-fu.”


The Modest Expertise of Knights

Read the books of the wise and intelligent to polish your own character. There is nothing more than this. This is called the modest expertise of knights.
The Third Year of Kaei, the 20th Day of August. “The Complete Book of Teachings for Warriors: Protecting the Castle”

嘉永三年八月二十日「武教全書 守城」

The Merit of Reading and Writing

Usually, for the merit of reading and writing, you cannot neglect it day or night. If you do not endevour to do this, regretting the smallest shadow, you will never see its merit.
The Third Year of Ansei, The 26th of May. “Minutes of the Head Lecturer.”