Wives of Samurai

“Samurai constantly keep their wives inside, so they don’t know anything. Thus, they are forbidden to act in their husband’s place. Oh, why do we value this effeminacy?” These are truly wise words.
The Third Year of Ansei, After August. “The Complete Teachings for Knights.”



Do Not Fail to Educate Girls

Naturally, we should relish the profound thoughts of the previous teacher (Yamaga Soko) about the education of girls. A husband and wife, as people, should protect the principles of humanity from whence (the relations between) parent and child, elder sibling and younger sibling is born. The rise or fall of a house, the peace or disorder of the world is truely in this. For this reason, first we mustn’t fail to give guidance to girls. As a boy must protects the way of the warrior with however strong nerves, if a girl leaves the way of a lady, the house cannot be in peace and the education of our descendents will fail. Ah, can we not be careful enough in doing this?
The Third Year of Ansei, After August. “The Complete Book of Teachings for Warriors: A Record of Lectures.”